Adjusting With COVID-19

We at Silver Tulip Boutique want you to know that your health and safety is our first priority! 

In the wake of the pandemic, we know that the world is currently grappling with an issue of enormous scale and human impact. I would just like to personally let you know that our hearts go out to all of those who have been affect by the outbreak of coronavirus directly and indirectly!

We are trying to balance our responsibilities to keeping our customers and our staff from unnecessary exposure, thus we started adjusting how we conduct work and shopping at Silver Tulip Boutique for everyone. 
To start off, we do require everyone in the stores to wear masks! if you do not have a mask, we have some that we have made. The masks we have are 100% reusable/washable cotton that have been artistically created in India. The Madhubani art is traditional style of painting, practiced Mithila region of Indian subcontinent. This fine art is done with a variety of tools such as: fingers, twigs, brushes, and matchsticks. It is well known use of natural dyes and eye-catching geometrical designs. 

We have also started to add a new form of contact!


We offer any sort of face-time call (Zoom, whats-app, google teams, FaceTime) in order for you to see a dress "in-person". We really recommend doing these calls for any custom work but also for casual shopping. 


To follow this, we are offering curb-side pick up! You can place orders online, over the phone, or face-time calls and we will have your package waiting for you at the front of the store. We also do offer shipping which is another great solution - again the orders can be placed online, over the phone or face-time calls. 

Don't worry - we do still have in store shopping and we would love to see you! Pop by the store and come shopping with those masks on and we would love to help you out