“Life is not perfect but an outfit can be”! No western dress can match the charm of wearing a fusion dress designed by Shibani of Silver Tulip. I commend Shibani for her fabulous sense of knowing what one wants. Incorporating themes and colours come so naturally to her. Over the past few years I have seen her evolution and how she has mastered the art of fashion designing. I recently took a last minute trip to San Diego and wore this dress on the streets of La Jolla and it was fascinating to see how many ladies were giving me the “eye” and passing nice compliments on the dress “that’s a cool dress, love your dress !!!!! It made me realize that it is difficult to create fashion with coolness and my friend just did that !! I thoroughly enjoyed owning and wearing this fusion which is so wearable as opposed to something totally ethnic !! Kudos to Shibani and her wonderful sense of creation !!!!.

-Reema Sarin,Markham,Canada

177 Main Street(lower level),Unionville.Phone:416-735-0540.


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